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Cinematic Quality

About Plus One

As a team we have all worked individually in the wedding film industry for some of the biggest wedding production companies out there. In 2010 we came together to form plus 1 weddings with the purpose to combine our skills as Camera Operators, Editors and Directors and produce the finest wedding films in the country tailored to your specific wedding, big or small we will make it special.

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What makes us unique?

Unlike other Wedding Production companies, we are a team of Freelancers whose principal activity is individual filming, editing and directing in TV, Film and Music Video Production.

We don’t spend each week filming and editing weddings and we limit the amount of bookings we take on. This is what makes our films unique, fresh and full of energy.

Simply taking on a limited amount of weddings each year, means we can give each one 100% and dedicate all our energy and creativity towards making it a perfect film which you can enjoy for years to come.

The Equipment

We use is the best in the industry, our camera gear gets updated each year and we use the same kit as we would to film a TV commercial or Music Video. We use a combination of Canon DSLR’s and Canon Cinematic cameras such as the C100. We also use a combination of mini crane and steadicams to give each film that cinematic feel. Like we are at weddings, the camera gear is very discreet and specifically tailored for a wedding.


Our Prices are based on each individual wedding, we understand every wedding is unique so we tailor your package to suit your day, rather than having multiple options. Whatever your budget we will be happy to speak to you regarding your day and aim to tailor a package which suits your requirements.


Our Packages range to your specific wedding, some couples will want 2 cameramen on the day and some will only budget for one. We can tailor for both. You have the option to have bride and groom preparations filmed, personal messages from friends and family, a special sequence and a pre wedding shoot if you wish. We aim to deliver the films in a quick turnaround, thanks to the limited number of weddings we take on means we never have a backlog of editing to do which means we can finish the films within a set time frame.

DVDS or Online?

We are always up to date the latest that technology has to offer, which is why you can either have your film on DVD, Blu-Ray, Online or all three. With the introduction of smart TVs and Internet becoming faster many couples are choosing to have their wedding films hosted online on our Vimeo plus account. The benefits to this means the films are in Full HD (unlike DVDs) and you can share it with friends and family, upload onto Facebook and download to your PC or Mac, A highlight of your day will be produced as we do for every wedding and this will be uploaded online. 5 x DVD’s are Given to each couple which are printed with individual names and come in a special tin.


We don’t just upload our preferred highlights and films, we upload everything we produce on our Vimeo page so you know exactly what to expect from us.


We are based in Manchester City Centre and free to contact 7 days a week.

Tel: 07530 700889
Email: hello@plus1weddings.com (click to email us)